Cerith Wyn Evans. Forms in Space…by Light (in Time)

Cerith Wyn Evans. Forms in Space…by Light (in Time)
Tate Britain 2017

Duveen Galleries


Until 20 August 2017

Cerith’s current installation at Tate Britain is a drawing in space, with neon. Viewable from the moment you walk through the doors of Tate Britain, it starts with a single neon ‘halo’ and swells into numerous constellations of light that multiply, grow and evolve as you make your way through the vast Duveen Galleries, rupturing the classical architecture. It’s almost as if you drew gigantic shapes in the air with a sparkler, and it never faded away.

Tip: Spot the disc shapes in the air that correspond with the shapes in the bottom half of Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass). Others refer to the movements in Japanese Noh theatre – these shapes were not chosen at random.

Also neon is cool now, didn’t ya know.



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