Harland Miller @ White Cube

Harland Miller
One Bar Electric Memoir
White Cube

Masons Yard

Harland Miller. Why Breathe In? Why Breath out?, 2017


Remember those pop psychology books from the 60’s and 70s? No me neither. But Harland Miller does, and he’s created a whole series of large scale paintings derived from the abstract covers of his large archive of self help manuals, so we can all learn to fix ourselves.

Miller, once branded by the Telegraph as the “It Guy”  (maybe he still is, with buyers like Elton John and Ed Sheeran)  presents two new bodies of work. The first series covers the ground floor of the Masons Yard White Cube, using graphically designed words such as ‘Ace’, ‘If’, and ‘Pot’, abstracting the word and signing his name below, attributing authorship of both image and text and thus blurring the lines of fiction and reality.

Downstairs, another series of black humour slogans continues the thematic interplay of viewer, text and image. The witticisms such as ‘”Immediate Relief…Coming Soon” (the art world doesn’t usually have a sense of humour) are hand painted, and accompanied by op art inspired forms that either enhance or alter the message; they act as one. It’s a fun exhibition, with the book pages retaining a painterly human quality, whilst also being a more sophisticated take on his previous body of work in which he appropriated vintage Penguin paperbacks

Also, as might be expected from a wordplay artist: good exhibition title!

Press release here

In 2018, BBC Radio 3 will present a five part memoir by Harland Miller of the same title, ‘One Bar Electric Memoir’ so look out for that

Harland Miller. In Shadows I Boogie, 2017.

Installation view: Lower ground floor


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