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Philip Colbert: New Paintings
Saatchi Gallery

The man himself


Philip Colbert aka. the godson of Andy Warhol (says American Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley ) is fashion designer  turned furniture designer turned artist turned whatever the hell else he wants to be.

Philip doesn’t take himself too seriously. Or the art world for that matter, as he appropriates the Western world’s most famous paintings in his New Paintings that overtake a room at the top of the Saatchi Gallery, such as Leger’s Les Constructeurs and Rubens’ Lion Hunt . It’s like a checklist of art history, colliding with various other modern day iconography such as a box of Brexit Cornflakes, emojis and an iPhone (the 21st century’s most important assets!). Enter a lobster character in fried egg pyjamas, floating in space and taking a selfie. He appears in every surrealist mural, as if each one was an episodic adventure of the anthropomorphic narrator (8 episodes to be precise).

The paintings fit in nicely with the rest of the Saatchi’s current ‘iconoclastic’ theme that is currently under way, which documents contemporary culture through popular imagery, consumption of mass culture in a landscape of social media and instant gratification.

Have fun with the below, and see how many references you can spot

Presented by Gazelli Art House

Space Pipe, 3m x 2m, oil on canvas


Kitchen Chaos, oil and acrylic on canvas. 3m x 2m

Desert Hunt, oil on canvas, 3m x 2m

London. 2017, oil on canvas. 3m x 2m

Venice, oil on canvas, 3m x 2m

See here for more info on Venice 


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